Dünyanın En Tehlikeli Hackerı | En İyi Hacker Gruplar Kim ? | Dünyanın En İyi Hacker Grupları

Dünyanın en ünlü hacker grublarından birisi olan Anonymous, Nasa ve Pentagon'da bulunan bilişim sistemlerine sızmayı başaran McKinnon, dünyanın en tehlikeli hacklerından birisi olarak kabul edildi.

Anonymous uluslararası hack faaliyetlerini devam ettirirken, dünyanın gelmiş geçmiş en tehlikeli hacklerından birisi olarak kabul edilen ingiliz Gary McKinnon, dünyanın en iyi siyah şapkalı hacker olarak ünvan aldı.

Henüz 49 yaşında olan siyah şapkalı hacker pentegon ve nasada bulunan toplam 97 adet bilişim sistemlerini ele geçirmiş ve tüm kayıtları silmiştir.

Twitter Hackers | Twitter Hacking | Twitter Hacking Programs

Twitter is a social media platform that shows serious sensitivity in protecting users' information. However, these sensitivities sometimes do not work, thanks to Twitter account stealing methods. When appropriate methods are applied, people can easily steal the Twitter accounts of their acquaintances and take over these accounts completely.

What is Twitter Account Stealing?

People talk about stealing Twitter accounts of people they are annoyed with or want to joke with. What is meant by stealing an account is actually password stealing. If a person's username is known and his password is later compromised in different ways, his account can be completely taken away. Therefore, this job is called account stealing.Account stealing methods are quite different. But the thing to know here is that you know the person to be captured or know some information. It will not be possible for you to steal the account of a person you do not know and whose information you do not know.

How to Do Twitter Account Stealing?

There are different ways to steal Twitter accounts. All of these are used over the "Forgot my password" section. In the first of these methods, one must have the phone of the person whose account will be stolen. Therefore, this method can only be applied to familiar people. The account will be completely captured when the following steps are followed in order. The steps to follow for Twitter account stealing are as follows:First of all, you should login to Twitter from a different Twitter application or internet browser.Here, without typing a username and password, the "I forgot my password" section should be clicked.After this process, Twitter will ask users for a phone number, e-mail or username.Here the username should be written and the "Search" button should be pressed to enter the next page

.As a result of the search, the last digits of the phone number of the user whose account is wanted to be stolen will be displayed on Twitter.The phone is selected and said "Continue".Thus, a code will be sent to the phone and a new password can be created with this code.When the steps above are followed sequentially, a new password will be defined for the account to be stolen, and thus the account can be entered with this password.In another method, mail is used instead of phone number. For this, it is necessary to know the password of the mail belonging to the account to be stolen. If the mail password is known exactly, the account can be completely captured by applying the steps similar to the above.Apart from the methods mentioned here, an account can be stolen by trial and error, but there is no guarantee that this method will work and the success rate is very low.

Therefore, this method is generally not used.About Twitter Account Stealing MethodsThe methods to be used to steal Twitter accounts are described above. The most important thing to notice here is that the person must have a phone or mail password in order to steal an account. In other words, these methods can be applied to friends or relatives who are known personally. It is almost impossible to steal the account of someone who is not known or met online.Twitter uses advanced systems for personal data protection and security.

Therefore, access to passwords is impossible if users do not have mistakes.Some people or websites claim that they have an account stealing program or application and ask users to log in to these applications with a fee or account. Such sites or programs do not have the ability to steal Twitter accounts, so users should be wary of them.Twitter Account Protection WaysTwitter users should not share both Twitter passwords and e-mail passwords with third parties in order to ensure the security of their accounts. In addition, when determining passwords, it is very important to choose as long and complex passwords as possible. Passwords using letters, numbers and other characters are extremely strong.If you have downloaded some applications to increase followers or favorites on Twitter, they may cause problems in your account.

Even if your account is not stolen, it may turn into a bot that sends spam messages and ads to your friends. For this reason, it is recommended that you stay away from applications that ask for your username and password.We have come to the end of our article where we tried to inform you about Twitter account stealing. You can convey your problems about the subject to us in the comments section. Stay tuned to our site to be aware of Twitter's new features and to learn what you are curious about. You can also contact us if you need help with buying Twitter Turkish followers and Twitter trend topics. You can watch the video on Twitter account stealing below.

İnstagram Hackleme | İnstagram Şifresi Hackleme

Günümüzde en çok yaygın olarak kullanılan sosyal ağlardan biri olan instagram, popülerliğini ve kullanıcı sayısını arttırmaya devam ediyor.Sizlere bu yazımızda bir instagram hesabını nasıl brute force ile hacklenir, detaylara ineceğiz.

Aslında bir instagram hesabı hacklemek için o kadar çok bilgi bilmenize gerek yok.Size lazım olan bir kali linux işletim sistemi olacaktır.Kali linux üzerinde terminal ekranından sizlere vereceğim dosyayı indirdikten sonra aşağıda ki kodları uygulayınız.


  • cd instainsane
  • chmod +x instainsane.sh
  • ./instainsane

Daha sonra tüm aşamaları tamamladıktan sonra karşınıza bir arayüz ekranı geliyor.Username Account bölümüne, instagram hesabı hacklemek istediğiniz kişinin kullanıcı adını yazıyoruz.Daha sonra karşınıza Password List gelicektir.

Bu kısıma kendinizin hazırlamış olduğunuz veya internetten bulabileceğiniz wordlist yüklüyoruz.Daha sonra otomatik şifreleri sizin için program tarayacaktır.

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